Welcome to Siard de Jong's website

Siard started his musical career at the age of 14. Being a tenor banjo and mandolin player at the beginning, his focus soon changed to the fiddle.
After moving to Amsterdam in his early 20s he played with numerous musicians in the “folk-circuit”; people he met in famous venues like the String and later Irish bar Mulligans.
Working at Hampe en Berkel Muziek music store broadend his interest in other instruments like saxophone, flutes and bouzouki.

For a full list of collaborations check out the discography

Siard plays a Scott Cao violin, Gibson A style Mandolin and Stefan Sobell Cittern.

At the moment Siard is active as a member of Fling (NL), The Wellwishers (IRL), Clementine (NL) and recently The Helen Flaherty Band (B, SCO, NL).